The Autonomous Driving Building

The Autonomous Driving Building

By: Chris Saltz

Date: July 7, 2016

Your architect walks you and your prospective tenant through your building before you’ve even broken ground [1]. The 6D virtual design process ends with your building being printed to exact specifications in days, not months [2]. The neural network of the building is brought to life in minutes by the cloud [3]. And you’re trying to decide what to name your new virtual building operator [4].

Sound like a science fiction movie? Do you want to stake the future of your company on it? Which technologies are leading edge, and which are bleeding edge? How will you know when to make technology changes to your next development? Are you concerned your competitors will get there first? Were you aware that the annual turnover of the Fortune 500 list has been increasing dramatically during the last couple decades [5]? Were you aware that disruptive technologies in the commercial and institutional building markets are at an inflection point?

When it comes to selecting important strategic advisors for your company (legal, tax, etc.), it’s probably based on the complexity of the task, the risk of getting it wrong, the likelihood of unnoticed but significant change, or some combination of these things. It’s never been more important to directly consult with a building technology specialist. The pace of change is furious. Technical advances, M&A activity, rapid cost reductions; all areas that a knowledgeable technology consultant can leverage in order to make your developments more successful. Furthermore, this is the one consultant that can illuminate new revenues for your company. The high expectations of the millennial building occupant can mean new opportunities for revenues. Building owners are already giving their tenants an interactive experience with the building [6].

Who will deliver the first “autonomous driving building” and what will it look like? No one knows for sure. But it’s certainly worth keeping your eye on; and maybe even exploring a little further on your next project.


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