Software Solutions

Your organization is collecting data. It’s secure and it’s organized in a useful structure. Now what?


We’ll help your executive team sort through the plethora of software that is marketed to “improve your business”. With many years of software application experience, as well as a devotion to continuous technology training, FIX provides that critical link between the facility software marketplace and your strategic decision makers.


FIX can provide useful peer case studies, pertinent industry benchmarks, along with a customized consultation to determine what makes sense for your organization. Taking advantage of critical facility-related data can be the difference between competitiveness and failing to survive in a global marketplace that adapts to technology at break-neck speeds.

Our Clients

Google | FIX Consulting
FedEx | FIX Consulting
Apple | FIX Consulting
United Airlines | FIX Consulting
Cisco | FIX Consulting
CBS | FIX Consulting