Technology CM

More and more organizations are turning to a “technology general contractor” to manage the procurement of non-core business facility technology, much the same way they procure core business IT.


This technology is at the core of any business; it’s the heart, lungs, and nervous system of your real estate. An intelligent building involves a “central brain”, and this level of sophistication is simply better designed and procured outside the traditional construction channels. FIX continues to help clients “integrate” several disparate technology platforms that over the years were procured haphazardly, through the random process of multiple tier 1 and tier 2 subcontractors, with virtually no coordination before or during the installation process. This leads to multiple platforms, none of which speak the same language, and all of which require their own set of rigorous “IT policies and processes".


FIX integrates the procurement process so that the client can get “best in breed” of the various facility operations systems (HVAC temperature controls, lighting, controls, access control, fire alarming, etc.) along with a single, robust building operator interface platform. This greatly reduces the cost of IT governance, along with the cost of hardware and software maintenance.

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