FIX Consulting. Yes, You Need Us.

FIX is an innovative leader in consulting and program management for an assortment of growing and ever-changing information technology markets. Established in 2000 with offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and New York, FIX engages building owners in ways that the traditional design and construction industry simply cannot.

As building controls evolved in the 1990’s, the need for systems integration became obvious. FIX Consulting was established with this very need in mind and has been crucial in guiding building owners, architects/engineers, and contractors in designing and installing more intelligent and integrated building systems.

With nearly 3000 individual technology installations to date, our team has earned decades of knowledge and experience in building monitoring and controls. Today, this expertise is evident in all our practice areas: Master Planning, Data Management, Software Solutions, Technology CM, and Cost Controls.


The Totus Group. The big picture.

The Totus Group is the holding company that was established in 2010 to better manage the rapidly growing individual businesses; FIX, ABC and CBCS. These businesses continue to provide a combination of products and services to clients in both a stand-alone manner as well as through collaborative options based on client needs.

Automatic Building Controls was established in 1976 and continues to provide customers with a holistic approach to intelligent building optimization at a sensible price.

FIX Consulting, established in 2000, provides a dynamic business model for IT and Facility Enterprises.

Totus is not aligned with any single manufacturer or brand of building controls, but rather has developed expertise with several platforms. Our commissioning process provides our clients with a unique opportunity of incorporating technology, instrumentation, and relevant software for a complete command of facility controls.

We think differently.

While “integrated design” has become a standard for today’s construction industry, “integrated technology design” is just now gaining momentum. FIX is 15 years ahead of any facility technology firm, big or small, in building the necessary partnerships between IT and Facility/Engineering departments.

Where traditional building automation system (BAS) providers fall short, FIX ensures the utilization of necessary IT security safeguards, data standardization, data backup, and overall system architecture designed as future-ready, scalable, and adaptive to improvement and expansion. Whether you’re an IT Professional, Architect, Construction Manager, Facility Professional, Consulting Engineer, or a Developer/Owner, we can help you!

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