You Don’t Need Another Consultant

No you don’t, and FIX is not a consultant. We’re a program manager. Program Manager!

“But, I don’t need that either!”

Yes you do and let us give you three facts:

  1. You do not have a person on your staff or a consultant that understands all of the IT implications in your design of facilities.
  2. We call these “facility nodes”. Now here’s one for you, even drywall and carpet will have sensors in them we still call these ”facility nodes”, but they are passive instead of active. We are literally talking about the (IoT) Internet of Things as it relates to buildings.
  3. You and your consultants design hardware we design software with the ultimate goal of having a much greater “User Experience”.

still not convinced?

Who is FIX Consulting?

We are a program manager that helps with the design and acquisition of technology for facilities....

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