Your Marketing Team Doesn’t Know What They Are Missing

Information Technology (IT) isn’t part of the discussion when it comes to marketing construction services. In fact, it isn’t even part of the design.

Let Us In

Let us be part of your marketing team to really show your clients what is available. We have a limited amount of partnerships available, so please contact us right away so we can educate you with this new phenomenon called the Internet of Things (IoT) for facilities.

Your clients are starting to know about IoT for facilities, why aren’t you?

still not convinced?

Why do I need FIX Consulting? I’ve never needed anyone like them on my other designs.

(i) The normal design process has every discipline purchasing their own hardware...

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Google | FIX Consulting
FedEx | FIX Consulting
Apple | FIX Consulting
United Airlines | FIX Consulting
Cisco | FIX Consulting
CBS | FIX Consulting