Structured Wire is Passé

Whenever IT is mentioned in relationship to designing a facility, the first and only thought is that of structured wire for most MEP’s. Unfortunately there’s this thing called the facility node”.

Facility Nodes

A facility node is an addressable device that can share information with a network. In the future, these devices will be anything that have power going into it. Keep in mind “power” may be solar power, such as a solar powered sensor. It might even be based on temperature differentials and kinetic energy such as with the opening of a door or window.

Power is not even a prerequisite for passive Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) which will soon be embedded in everything from carpeting to drywall. These too are considered “facility nodes”, which must be managed.

But most of the network traffic will be derived from items such as chillers, air handling units, security cameras, and other data intensive items, including your servers and all the associated infrastructure supporting those servers.

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(i) The normal design process has every discipline purchasing their own hardware...

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