Where’s the Beef?

Everyone loves that commercial put on by Wendy’s Hamburgers back in the 80s. The question is, where is our beef?

We will give you four things to think about:

  1. Who’s watching over your total “User Experience”?
  2. Technology will pervade your building whether you like it or not. Will the technology be acquired in a sensible manner and will it be managed for the future? We will help you answer that question.
  3. The devil is in the details. See our specific checklist at the bottom of the page.
  4. Who else can you find besides FIX Consulting to help you with the Big Picture for technology?

still not convinced?

Why do I need FIX Consulting? I’ve never needed anyone like them on my other designs.

(i) The normal design process has every discipline purchasing their own hardware...

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