How do you like your handcuffs?

You know what we mean, if you have a building automation system (BAS), you’re locked into one supplier. Oh, but you have a BACnet or LONWORKS system.

How’s that working out for you?

You need four things to be out of those handcuffs:

  1. You must have open software tools.
  2. You must have a community that understands how to use those tools.
  3. You do need BACnet or LONWORKS as a standard protocol.
  4. Finally, a partner that helps you with the other three.

Let us educate you on all the new technology that is enabling owners and facility managers to unlock those handcuffs and truly bring you into the era of open technology for facilities.

“To have a truly open system, you need open data that is normalized for any application to use. These applications may be in the area energy, sustainability, smart grid technology, life safety and security, and most importantly the “User Experience”.

Mark Bevill, Principal FIX Consulting

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Who is FIX Consulting?

We are a program manager that helps with the design and acquisition of technology for facilities....

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