DGLogik partners with FIX Consulting

DGLogik partners with FIX Consulting

By: Joe Kassl

Date: April 19, 2016

Today, FIX Consulting and DGLogik announced a strategic partnership to provide cutting-edge technology for DCiM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) and Big Data Solutions.

Big data solutions have potential to help companies improve operations and make faster, more intelligent decisions. This data, when captured, formatted, manipulated, stored, and analyzed allows enterprises to gain useful insight to increase revenues, obtain or retain customers, and improve operations.

Joseph Kassl, Chief Technology Officer for FIX Consulting is spearheading an initiative that will be focused on developing new technology for the IT market. This technology will include active DCiM IoT hardware, DSA (Distributed Services Architecture) open source platform, and DGLogik’s leading IoT Application Platform, DGLux5 to automate business intelligence providing a real-time ROI to key stakeholders.

“DGLux5 is a rapid application development and visualization platform that maximizes analysis efficiency through real-time, data-driven dashboards for web, desktop and mobile devices. Most importantly it significantly reduce time and money in project design, creation and deployment,” says CTO for FIX Consulting, Joseph Kassl.

“FIX Consulting is an innovative leader in consulting and program management and we are proud to establish this partnership. With their expertise and our leading technology, we can further engage Data Center Managers in ways that traditional DCiM solutions simply cannot,” says CEO of DGLogik, Eugene Mazo.


About DGLogik

DGLogik, Inc. is at the forefront of software technology, providing simplified toolsets and methodologies to connect data, build and deploy cross-platform applications on any layer of the IoT infrastructure. Their modern IoE technology illustrates the Internet of Everything through customizable applications and dashboards, allowing users to easily interact with various sets of data from various devices and derive more value and intelligence to better manage cost and energy efficiency. To read about DGLogik’s technology products and how they are shaping the future for the Internet of Things, please visit

About FIX Consulting

FIX Consulting, LLC. operates as the innovative leader in consulting and program management for an assortment of growing and ever-changing information technology markets. Established in 2000 and currently based in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, with offices in Chicago, Milwaukee, and Southern California, FIX strives to engage building owners in ways that traditional commercial design and construction industry simply cannot. As building controls evolved in the 1990’s, the need for systems integration became obvious. FIX Consulting was established with this very need in mind and has been crucial in guiding building owners, architects/engineers, and contractors in designing and installing more intelligent and integrated building systems. With nearly 3000 individual technology installations to date, our team has earned decades of knowledge and experience in building monitoring and controls. Today, this expertise is evident in all our practice areas: Master Planning, Data Management, Software Solutions, Technology CM, and Cost Controls.

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