FIX Consulting Launches iDM!

FIX Consulting Launches iDM!

By: Joe Kassl

Date: April 5, 2016


Big Data. Big Challenges. Innovative Solutions.

Big Data has emerged as a challenge to move, transform and integrate but it is also an opportunity to create enormous value through unlimited access to critical insights available within an open source platform. It is not just the access but the opportunity to create valuable leverage within the marketplace and that is the foundation of our solution, iDM.

Intelligent Data Management (iDM) is built and designed on the Tridium Niagara open architecture and the DGLogik software stack. This innovative, winning combination provides a best of breed, scalable, cost effective, vendor agnostic solution. The solution will provide improved analytics and increased connectivity through new hardware and software technology that monitors or controls all data converging through various databases.

The iDM is a true IoT solution that is being applied in Data Centers, Facilities, and Industrial Applications. As a complete end-to-end enterprise solution, iDM provides real time critical data that allows C-Level Management to assess operational performance and conduct financial analysis reflecting ROI. The key components that make this solution a must for those who are proactive and not reactive in this rapidly changing technology environment are wireless capability, ease of configuration, expandability, enhanced user experience, software embedded DSA and scalability.

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