Mountain View, CA

Project Specs


456,000 sq ft







Project Summary

Google Building Automation
  • Consulted and designed a high performance intelligent telecommunications room with customer collaboration of KPI’s and user interface.
  • Increased thermal capacity within a TR, (Telecommunications Room) utilizing visual analytics provided by DGlogik, and Fix Consulting.
  • Optimized thermal and power efficiency within the TR by adding IT equipment and optimizing real-estate space.
  • Provided a turn-key solution that reduces labor for fast deployment of networking though an agile TR pod.
  • Completed IT-Facilities integration utilizing the Tridium Niagara middleware, resulting in a flat architecture and reduced cost of ownership.
  • Provided complete monitor and control of IT and Facilities equipment through an integrated graphical user interface single pane of glass. This allowed Google the ability to monitor their Worldwide deployment of TR’s in owned and leased real-estate space through a unified operations center. In addition, this solution enables the possibility of an integrated DCiM solution to drive business decisions through Big Data analytics.

Our Clients

Google | FIX Consulting
FedEx | FIX Consulting
Apple | FIX Consulting
United Airlines | FIX Consulting
Cisco | FIX Consulting
CBS | FIX Consulting