Save Big Money On Your Next Construction Project

Save Big Money On Your Next Construction Project

By: Chris Saltz

Date: September 10, 2015

Finally you can make your next facility technology investment “future ready” for less than the cost of a traditional building automation system (BAS). Yesterday’s problem was that “applications” (software for energy management, diagnostics, fault detection, etc) involved costly “integrations”.

The future of intelligent buildings is very clear. Imagine moisture data from virtually anywhere ….behind drywall, the internals of expensive equipment, etc. (it’s actually already in the works for the healthcare industry: It would be prohibitively expensive to “pull in” to a tradtional BAS these intelligent components every time a new one appears. Rather, they will land on an open ecosystem (via wifi, Bluetooth, RFID, etc), and they will be managed by cloud-based scalable applications. Everything will migrate to the cloud and “integrate” in ways we cannot even imagine presently (HVAC, lighting, fire alarm, CCTV, access control, moisture, indoor location beacons, foot traffic patterns, CMMS, etc.). There is a lot of work to be done, as “proprietary building automation systems” have been installed over the last 25+ years, and migration to standardized data is unique to every building and therefore costly.

Ever since Apple and the iPhone pioneered an app-driven world for the individual (June 2007), our commercial & institutional clients have increasingly expected a similar ease of procurement and functionality for their facilities, using an OPEN ecosystem. At a similar cost. And we have delivered. I’m not talking just BacNet or Lon…but HTML5, Java, and data management standards that the IT world understands.

FIX’s role is to assist clients through this change…one that is altering the global competitive landscape in unimaginable ways for every industry, at an unprecedented pace. Forbes reported that the “internet of things” (IoT) and “big data” will be the largest global GDP growth in the history of the human race (

Give FIX a call. Over the past 30+ years we have built a 70+ member team with a unique mix of talent that both knows buildings and knows technology. Our typical deliverable is a “Facility Technology Master Plan” to brainstorm, map & execute IoT/data solutions that:

  1. improve the experience,
  2. increase revenues in creative ways,
  3. reduce OpEx, and/or
  4. reduce facility-related risks.

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