David Koehler

VP of Marketing and Talent Acquisition


Master's Degree - Business Administration
Governor's State University
Bachelor's Degree in Marketing
Illinois State University


As VP of Marketing and Talent Acquisition, David has been responsible for building our team to be able to take full advantage of future growth opportunities. His role encompasses involvement in each business segment under The Totus Group umbrella. He has been instrumental in the ongoing development of the FIX Consulting business model and has shifted his focus on business development opportunities.

Since coming on board in 2014, David’s role has continued to evolve and expand based upon the hierarchy of needs within the organization. He relies upon over 20 years of experience as a marketing and management professional and professor. He has the marketing expertise to identify unserved niches and truly embraces the progressive nature of our business strategy. He brings a keen eye for talent acquisition and establishes a productive rapport with each team member. David has demonstrated the ability to forge mutually beneficial relationships with key stakeholders and our team anticipates this strength will have a significant impact to the future success of Fix Consulting.


David began his career managing stores for Walgreens and was recognized several times as Manager of the Year and Top Profit Producer for the Chicago market. His attributed his success to his natural ability to lead others and build high performing teams. He was known for his operational excellence and frequently conducted seminars for the company on business development strategies and profit/loss projections. He left the retail sector after obtaining his MBA to become a business professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He ran the entrepreneurship and marketing programs at UIC and worked with clients such as the Navy Seals, Target, Honda and many others. His integrative marketing campaigns received national recognition. The Navy Seals adopted the prototype recruiting campaign and he presented at their headquarters. David had been honored as the recipient of the Teacher of the Year Award several times.

After 12 years in academia, he felt a burning desire to get back in the field. Seeking a new challenge he accepted the VP position with The Totus Group where his responsibilities include talent acquisition, marketing and human resources. He has brought his knowledge and extensive business experience to our team. David is known for his high energy approach to each day and willingly accepts additional responsibilities to enhance the team’s success. David is very excited to be involved in a field with so much potential for growth and looks forward to the opportunity of being an integral part of the future success at FIX Consulting.

Addam Patek

Information Systems Manager


B.S. Technical Management
DeVry University


As information systems manager for the company, Addam is responsible for maintaining the network infrastructure and all existing systems for all locations in the organization. Addam also evaluates, tests, and implements new systems and processes, and provides technical support for end users.
Since joining FIX he has planned and designed the network infrastructure and systems to set up multiple new branch locations. When joining FIX, the network consisted of all physical servers. Addam successfully implemented a Virtualized network taking advantage of Storage Area Networking and server high availability and agility. He also managed the complex project of migration of the organization’s critical systems to a data center and implemented a hybrid cloud configuration.


Addam has 15 years of experience with information technology in a construction based environment.
Prior to joining FIX, he was a team leader in the cellular infrastructure industry with Motorola. There, he focused on root cause analysis for product and process improvement for CDMA equipment to maintain a six sigma focus on total customer satisfaction.
He has significant experience in project management, virtualization technologies, cloud computing, VPN and mobile solutions, network architecture and optimization, and systems implementation.
Addam is a member of the Chicago Infragard chapter which is an FBI organization focused on protecting the country’s critical infrastructure.

Gregory White

Senior Engineer


B.S. Electrical Engineering
North Carolina State University
B.S. Computer Engineering
North Carolina State University


As lead programmer for the company, Gregory is responsible for creating custom programming applications and graphical user interfaces for building control systems. He creates, evaluates, and maintains standard programming applications for use by the entire FIX Consulting team. Gregory also provides technical support for field engineers on project sites and the sales teams in the office.


Gregory has fifteen years of experience with building systems, specializing in automation, security & card access, digital video, and fire detection and alarming. He is dedicated to providing unique and client focused solutions in an ever-changing technological environment.

In addition to programming for control systems, he has a long track record of developing comprehensive design documents, counseling sales and operations teams regarding financial and technological hurdles, and optimizing workflow for efficiency. Prior to joining the company, Gregory had several years of experience engineering and programming building control systems. He is known for his detailed and accurate work product, intent on delivering the highest quality system for the client.

Gregory graduated from North Carolina State University with dual Bachelor of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering & Computer Engineering and his certifications include Niagara AX and Niagara 4.

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