Why FIX? So You're Ready.

Technology is reshaping business; no question. To ensure your executive team can spend more valuable time focusing on your core business rather than your physical “real estate” assets and all the facility-related technology that resides within, FIX is here to do that for you. As part of the new wave of business models that provide consulting and program management for the dynamic and ever changing fields of information technology, FIX provides clean and green energy management solutions for securing and organizing various services and facilities.

Who is FIX Consulting?

We are a program manager that helps with the design and acquisition of technology for facilities. Our main goal is to enhance total User Experience.

Why haven’t I heard of other companies like FIX Consulting?

There really is no one else out there involved in helping with design, procurement, and risk of the “User Experience”. We are your quarterback for facilities technology, with an end goal of providing a fantastic User Experience.

Why do I need FIX Consulting? I’ve never needed anyone like them on my other designs.

(i) The normal design process has every discipline purchasing their own hardware and software, such as mechanical purchasing building automation and controls, electrical purchasing lighting controls, and low-voltage contractor purchasing security.

There may be a large building automation company that is now acting as the integration specialist and, chances are, you’re getting stuck with the old business model; having the razor given to you, and now you have to buy the razors blades at an exorbitant price.

(ii) If you think about it, the construction industry is one of the last industries to really be affected by technology.

(iii) We simply know technology and know where to get the answers for facilities technology. It is extremely difficult — even for us — to keep up with all the new technology, and we do this full-time. Even if you have the staff that can address the technology, the processes to acquire this technology may be not in place. We are that process!

Now that FIX Consulting is on the design team, what's the process?

(i) We work very closely with your other consultants, including mechanical, electrical, life safety, lighting, commissioning, and other sub-consultants that are specifying “facility nodes”.

(ii) We actually help with design, procure the infrastructure, and work very closely with IT to enhance the overall User Experience. Design and procurement includes the enterprise for the facility or facilities in conjunction with all other stakeholders on the design team.

(iii) We handle subcontracts where needed, and coordinate purchasing of other subcontracts through the normal construction process. We really act as the general contractor (GC) for technology, or, we like the term “Program Manager”, where we are the software designers for the “User Experience”.

What keeps me from being locked into your services and software?

(i) We approach all of our projects with an “open book” philosophy. What does that mean? We share all of our pricing information.

(ii) All products that we provide, help specify, coordinate, and interface are open source. FIX Consulting ensures that the software tools, according to the specific industry, are kept to a minimum. Obviously we cannot ensure that all products purchased are completely open, but we can ensure that we will negotiate on the part of the design team for the best short-term and long-term pricing.

(iii) It is our company’s vision and goal to compete for the design team’s and facility owner’s business based on our service and not proprietary tools or software. We develop application software but not source code software, and that is the major difference when it comes to providing open system.

Our Clients

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